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Low Rhine water levels reduce loading rates

With water levels in Rhine continue dropping, shipping routes through the river are negatively affected. In fact, the whole falling water levels situation, reduced loading rates for vessels, as there is a prospect of higher transportation costs for cargo and materials.

European Council places climate action at the center

According to a recent statement, foreign ministers discussed climate diplomacy and restated the political centrality of climate action for the European Union. The Council adopted conclusions on climate diplomacy, constituting that climate will be one of the priorities in the EU’s external policy in 2020.

Scientists propose ‘mobile’ marine protected areas

Now that the talks for the update of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) have begun concerning protected marine environments, a group of scientists proposed new techniques to allow protected zones to change, as species move under the climate change. 

UK to stop funding coal mining abroad

Speaking at a UK-Africa investment summit in London, the UK prime minister Boris Johnson announced that the government will no longer finance coal-mining and coal-fueled power stations in developing countries, in the wake of the adverse effects brought by climate change. 

Climate Action Pathways: Milestones for water infrastructure towards 2050

A key publication presented at the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid last month suggests transformational actions and milestones towards carbon neutrality in key areas, such as energy, industry, transport, human settlements, water, land use, and resilience to the inevitable effects of climate change.

Study surveys people vulnerable to sea level rise

A study launched in 2019 presented the results of a survey concerning people currently occupying global land below projected high tide lines for 2100 under low carbon emissions, up from 110 M today, for a median increase of 80 M.

Maldives ask for funds in risk of going underwater

The Maldives are facing the danger of going underwater, unable to build critical infrastructures, as sea-walls, and have therefore asked the United Nations for financing to deal with the climate change.

Ocean heatwave causes the largest seabird die-off

The University of Washington though its new study, revealed that the massive marine heatwave in the northeastern Pacific during 2014-2016, known as “the Blob”, has negative impacts upon the ocean food chain. Specifically, millions of seabirds along the US west coast lost their lives, as it is expected to become more frequent due to climate change.


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