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UK shipping to face many changes in the future

According to the report “Future of the sea”, the shipping industry is a vital part of the UK economy, as 95% of imports and exports are carried by sea. The UK maritime sector is the largest in Europe, worth an estimated £14.5 billion. Growing population and development will increase the demand for the transport of goods and the drive to mitigate against climate change will put pressure on the shipping industry to lower CO2 emissions.

Climate costs for Asian ports can reach up to US$49 billion

The report considers the climate risk of 53 of the Asia Pacific region’s largest ports and estimates costs for adaptation. Taking into consideration ports in Japan, China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, India, South Korea and Malaysia, the report concludes in a low case cost of around US$30.9 billion and a high case cost of around US$49.4 billion.

More ice to enter in the North Atlantic Ocean

A recent research shows that more Arctic sea ice is entering the North Atlantic Ocean, increasing the risks for ships which sail in these areas in spring. The ice trapped many ships, even causing some to sink, as it damaged their hulls. The study authors say that warming temperatures cause by climate change are melting more Arctic ice, increasing ice mobility and opening channels that are normally frozen shut.

Latin America maritime technology cooperation centre launched

The Latin America Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre, part of a global network established to further efforts to combat climate change, was launched in Panama, on 13 March. The centre, hosted by the Universidad Marítima Internacional de Panamá (UMIP), is one of five such centres set up under the GMN project.

How Regional Seas protects oceans around the world

The video illustrates the work the all 18 Regional Seas programmes around the globe, launched in 1974, as one of UNEP’s most significant achievements, aiming to address accelerating degradation of the world’s oceans and coastal areas through a “shared seas” approach.

How climate change drives collapse in marine food webs

A new study led by the University of Adelaide has found that levels of commercial fish stocks could be harmed as rising sea temperatures affect their source of food, demonstrating in this way how climate change can drive the collapse of marine “food webs”.

Major oil companies to pay over climate change

New York made an important step towards protecting the environment, as it sued five major oil companies, demanding ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and  ConocoPhillips pay for the cost of protecting the city from the arising threat that the climate change poses.

Arctic saw smallest ever winter sea ice coverage in 2017

Arctic warming persisted in 2017, resulting in the second warmest air temperatures, above average ocean temperatures, loss of sea ice, and a range of human, ocean and ecosystem effects, according to a new report sponsored by the US NOAA.

35 states sign declaration on shipping emissions

On the sidelines of the “One Planet” climate summit in Paris, the international maritime sector has launched a declaration urging the shipping industry to take action for significant emissions reduction, in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

Companies failing to adapt to climate change, says new report

Nearly 50% of companies expect climate change to have an impact on their value chain within the next five years, but only 25% of them is taking action to adapt or increase resilience, according to a new international survey conducted by DNV GL, with support from GFK Eurisko.


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