ECSA: A united EU will better achieve shipping’s aims

ECSA welcomes and applauds EU’s president-elect Ursula von der Leyen’s speech, which focused on the union’s goal for sustainability, climate challenges and digitalization, highlighting that a united Union will better-achieve its goals in collaboration with the IMO.

EU calls ECSA to resolve WTO crisis

Following the recent crisis that the World Trade Organisation’s Appellate Body experienced, the European Parliament called ECSA to join the efforts in resolving this crisis, in favour of the shipping trade.

ECSA, ICS call for immediate intervention after Gulf of Guinea attacks

In the wake of two subsequent piracy attacks involving crew abductions in the Gulf of Guinea, ECSA and ICS expressed concerns about the rise of armed attacks on merchant ships in the region and underlined these attacks threaten the smooth conduct of international maritime trade.

ECSA launches Maritime Growth Plan for sustainable maritime jobs

ECSA launched an ambitious Maritime Growth plan for “Sustainable Maritime Jobs, Growth and Competitiveness”, to act as a strategic framework for a thriving EU shipping industry, a strong skills base and the development of a world-class maritime cluster. 

ECSA: Measures to bolster maritime security in Gulf of Guinea

Following the latest piracy figures from International Maritime Bureau (IMB), European shipowners expressed concerns about the escalating rate of piracy incidents  in the Gulf of Guinea and issued a position paper urging the EU authorities to step up their measures to improve security in the area.

European shipping calls for transition period in case of no-deal Brexit

In a letter to the EU’s Chief Negotiator for the exit of the UK from the EU, Michel Barnier, ECSA and its member the UK Chamber of Shipping, strongly urged for a negotiated settlement that includes a transition period. The letter underlines the economic repercussions on both the EU and the UK, in case of a no-deal scenario at this late stage.

ECSA: EU State Aid Guidelines ‘highly successful’

Following a report on Maritime Subsidies in OECD countries by the International Transport Forum (ITF) questioning the effectiveness of the EU state aid guidelines (SAG), ECSA noted that the SAG are a profoundly effective instrument to boost the European shipping sector in a highly competitive global environment.


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