National immigration laws allow a foreigner to stay in Brazil for a certain period of time without holding a visa, depending on certain factors e.g. their nationality and purpose for visiting. (such as their nationality, purpose of the visit, etc.). The allowed time of stay in the country is fixed at the first point of entry into Brazil. A maximum stay of 30 days (up to 90 days) from date of entry is usually permitted, at the discretion of the immigration authorities.

Staying in the country beyond the allowed time is an offence sanctioned by fines from the Federal Police against the carrier and crew members. A fine will be levied on the carrier for each overstaying crew member and a fine will also be issued against the crew member for the number of days in excess of the allowed stay. A penalty of deportation might also be imposed.

Members are therefore encouraged to closely monitor the maximum allowed stay time of their crew members and inform the agents of any approaching expiration date so that necessary actions can be taken in order to avoid fines and deportation notices.

In case a crew member does not hold a visa and is expected to exceed his maximum allowed stay in the country, an extension of the stay from the Federal Police must be sought.

Source: Standard P&I Club