Grounded Stellar Banner refloated off Brazil

Salvors in Brazil managed to refloat Stellar Banner over three months after the VLOC ran aground. The ship has now been towed 60 miles off the coast of Maranhão, to undergo inspections.

Guidance launched for FPSOs in Brazil

ABS has launched a support package for offshore operators in Brazil’s complex regulatory environment. It also published a technical advisory and two new notations. 

Workers at Brazilian ports affected by COVID-19

As COVID-19 is significantly affecting Brazil, workers at its ports are starting to fall ill. As of now, at least three privately-run terminals have registered two cases each of COVID-19 in the past two weeks.

COVID-19 causes shipping containers shortages

The COVID-19 crisis which has been the epicentre of the EU is leading to shipping container shortages and goods, which is expected to worsen as China imposes more restrictions concerning incoming vessels, to boost its coronavirus safety measures.

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