Brazil: Which are the identity documents for seafarers

Proinde UK P&I Club reports that under Brazilian immigration regulations, a seafarer’s identity document is accepted as a stand-alone travel document with the same standing as a passport, laissez-passer and other forms of personal identification.

Brazilian ports experience delay in soybean harvesting

During February, the Brazilian ports line-up indicates that soybeans shipments will reach around 8.5 million tons. However, the global leading marine insurer, Skuld informed that reaching such a volume won’t be easy, especially because the harvest in Brazil is delayed, bringing huge logistical challenges for trading companies.

Brazil prioritizes port workers for COVID-19 vaccine

Brazil has set port workers, as well as other transport professionals, in a priority group under its State Vaccination Plan for COVID-19, state sources revealed. Brazil became the first country in the Americas to put transport workers in priority.

Brazil: Seafarer identity documents to be used for immigration control until June 2021

Brittania P&I Club informs that, according to its correspondents, the Brazilian Division of Immigration Control and Border Security requires that seafarer identity documents issued under the terms of the ILO Convention 108 to be used for the purpose of immigration control for all seafarers, regardless of their nationality, until 15 June 2021.

Loading soya beans in Brazil: What to be aware of

The UK P&I Club’s correspondents in Brazil, Representacoes Proinde Ltda, issued a Practical Guidance entitled Loading Soya Beans in Brazil, highlighting the risks arising and what to be aware of during the operations.

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