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US imposes sanctions against Turkey

On 14 October 2019 the US issued an Executive Order (EO), imposing sanctions against the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Turkish Ministry of National Defence. Three government ministers have also been added to the US’s Specifically Designated National List (SDN List). 

2020 sulphur cap compliance: Steps to be taken

Steamship Mutual has gathered all the crucial information needed in light of the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap, as many are the issues that may arise and some guidance will be helpful. The Club notes that this is not a comprehensive checklist, but a summary of the steps that have to be taken so that shipowners are fully compliant with the future regulations. 

Key actions to enhance seafarers’ wellbeing

During the last SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum, Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, The Standard Club, discussed seafarers’ wellbeing from the mental and social point of view. Nationalities and different cultures have different ways of socializing, he argued, so companies should adopt new ways to encourage socializing amongst seafarers onboard.

US Court decides on bystander emotional distress claims

In the US a shipowner may face emotional distress claims from third parties, passengers or crew who witness traumatic events that take place on or near an associated ship, Standard Club informs. As a result, a crew may not claim compensation for emotional damages solely from witnessing the death of another without showing physical trauma or the fear of physical trauma from witnessing the event.  

How to prevent and tackle fire onboard ferries

As fire on board is one of the most dangerous situations that crewmembers can face, the Standard Club has proposed certain practices, aiming to promote better fire safety, and raise awareness of fire risks in general and fire risks on ferries in particular.

SAFETY4SEA Megabox Forum: Key challenges as growth in containership sizes continues

SAFETY4SEA and the MEGA-BOXSHIP Solutions Working Group for the first time cooperated to organize a seminar which successfully concluded on Tuesday 10th of September, at the Hellenic Centre in London. The event, which took place within the framework of the London International Shipping Week, attracted 100 delegates from a total of 45 organizations.

Making maritime dispute resolution more efficient: what the Singapore Convention may mean for the shipping community

Litigating maritime claims can cost P&I clubs, and vessel and cargo interests, millions of dollars in legal costs per year. It takes time and resources to achieve the desired result or not, and at the forefront of The Standard Club’s claims handling philosophy is reducing costs for its members. With this in mind, are there alternatives to potentially costly litigation?

Philippines declare Dengue fever epidemic

Standard Club advised that the Philippines declared a national dengue virus epidemic in early August after reporting a significant increase in dengue cases from 2018. Dengue is spread through infected mosquitos; therefore, operators should be aware that crew members embarking from the Philippines may be carriers of the dengue virus.

Ukraine stops Ecological Inspection service

According to the Standard Club, its correspondent Dias Marine Consulting reports that the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers has abolished the Ecological Inspection Service. It is to be replaced with the State Environmental Service. The new service is expected to begin operating in early September.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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