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Ships with open loop scrubbers may face fines in Turkey

Although there is no formal limitation or ban on the discharge of scrubber wash-water, environmental authorities in Turkey may fine the ship if the samples collected from the overboard discharge line is suspected to be a pollutant, the Standard P&I Club warned. 

South Africa’s approach to 2020 sulphur cap

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) issued a Marine Notice concerning the ships’ compliance with IMO Sulphur Cap 2020. SAMSA requires that all ships must provide information over their compliance with the environmental regulations through a revised MRCC Pre-Arrival Notification (PAN) report.

Delays in ports globally due to the coronavirus

Ships in ports worldwide are facing delays because of the coronavirus, with additional HSE and customs checks being conducted in some ports. In certain ports, crew changes are difficult or banned, and vessels may be subject to additional checks or even quarantine.

Guidelines to deal with a positively-tested coronavirus patient

The Standard Club issued advice concerning the coronavirus situation, focusing on how to act when a patient who has been positively tested for coronavirus is unable to be transported to a medical facility. Specifically, there is a high possibility that if a seafarer is positively tested for coronavirus, they will not be immediately transported to a medical facility.

Venezuela to require port payments in US-sanctioned Petro currency

The Venezuelan Maritime Authority has required port payments to be in its own digital Petro Currency, which is sanctioned by the US. In light of these developments, the Standard P&I Club recommended owners and operators to consider carefully trade to Venezuela.

West Africa piracy updates

The Standard Club is focusing on the rise of piracy and armed robbery attacks off West Africa in the timeframe between 2019 to 2020, and collaborates with several local lawyers and correspondents in the area receiving various guidance.

Rise of lost anchor incidents in Mississippi

Standard Club informed that it has seen a recent increase of incidents involving lost anchors, which are potentially related to high water levels in the Mississippi river.

Why P&I insurance is more vital today than ever before

Driven by global challenges, today, shipping industry often finds itself in a turbulent seascape and despite all best efforts, accidents do occur. P&I insurance is specifically designed to address the unique needs of the marine industry, covering practically all maritime liability risks. In this article, Mr. John Dolan confirms that P&I insurance is more relevant and necessary today than ever before.


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