Standard Club

Seven best practices to avoid smuggling

The Standard Club reports that according to the amended Pooling Agreement of the International Group, P&I cover in respect of fines for smuggling and breach of customs regulations will no longer provided as of right, but only on a discretionary basis.

Report highlights the golden rules of berthing

The Standard Club issued a guide concerning berthing and best practices, raising awareness of the risks that may arise. This new, updated version includes further content on berthing aids, snap-back zones and bow thrusters, also providing guidance on electronic berthing aids and detailed tug assistance.

Container stack collapses put vessels and crew in danger

Following the increased issue of container stack collapses, Standard Club shed light on the causes and the solutions of such incidents, highlighting that collapses put vessels, their crews and the environment in danger.

Update on customs fines and taxes in Dakar, Senegal

The Masters of vessels in Senegal must be well informed in relation to the systematic customs fines and he or she should liaise with the port agent as necessary, in order to prevent the imposition of any excessive fines.

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