Recently, with increased security for infrastructure, companies and institutions continue to diagnose and respond to cyber threats in advance through actual Pen-Testing in the control systems of ships and marine-side industrial facilities.

In addition, the simulation test provides benefits, such as:

  1. To maximize customer trust by ensuring the integrity of information handling.
  2. To identify the threats and vulnerabilities inherent in your network and systems. This will help you create security policies and procedures to resist future risks.
  3. To perform mock penetration tests regularly for measuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Actual risks can then be prioritized and redundant investment is prevented.

Moreover, there are various ways to conduct the simulation test:

  1. Blind Test: It performs without any information about the target. The target is notified in advance, however.
  2. Double Blind Test (Black Box Test): This test is also conducted without any information about the target but, in addition, the target is not informed that a test is about to take place. This is the closest test to a real incident but often takes longer to perform. The duration of a project is cost-related and so you should opt for the most cost-effective option that suits your requirements.
  3. Grey Box Test: Penetration tester has limited knowledge of target and the garget is notified of the test. For example, you will be given the opportunity to take over the results of the vulnerability check or to actually perform it. The test is also notified in advance of the examination before starting the simulation.
  4. Double Grey Box Test (White Box Test): This differs from a Gray Box Test in that it is performed over a limited time and does not test channels and vectors.
  5. Tandem Test: The key to the tandem test is that the penetration tester can see all the results. The inspection targets are also notified before the test is performed. We can identify all the vulnerabilities that can be hacked. You can submit the most ideal results. Crystal box test is an example.
  6. Reversal Test: Although Penetration tester knows all the information, it does not know that the examination will be conducted.