In 2020, the Port of Rotterdam will invest more than 3.5 million euros to enhance Wilhelminahaven.


The existing mooring buoys will be replaced with five new certificated mooring buoys, featuring a tensile strength of 200 tonnes.

In addition, the sea-going shipping and inland shipping jetties and dolphins will also receive an important upgrade, while a barge area will be created.

The new buoy configuration aspires to increase ship-ship handling capacity, as well as offer larger ships the opportunity for simultaneous transshipment:

This development not only enables us to meet the increasing demand for bulk transhipment handling capacity and for waterfront plots, but it also ensures that Wilhelminahaven is future proof. The port will be better organised and safer for all users and optimum use will be made of the nautical space, while also achieving optimum nautical access for Kilkade 7

stated Rik Dalmeijer - Area Manager Dordrecht Inland Seaport.