Specifically, as Cyber Aware at Sea reports, the role of a classification society is to make sure of the continuous safety and security  of the maritime industry, in respect to the vessels.

Knut Orbeck-Nilssen of DNV GL highlighted that cyber technology is one key factor affecting the industry today, keeping in mind the rapid changes that shipping industry is facing, along with safety and security parameters.

As Mr Nilssen stated, the classification societies have a specific role.

Classification society DNV GL released its first class notations, called 'Cyber Secure' on July 1, aiming to help shipowners and operators protect their assets from cyber security threats.

Moreover, DNV GL has been used in using technology, as Veracity that was launched in 2017, to serve their digitally minded clients.

Veracity is a digitised, automated system that collects and verifies data for the EU MRV scheme.

As DNV GL supports, technology can eliminate human error, support the industry, while in the meantime it can get the maximum data to enhance safety, performance and efficiency.

Yet, DNV GL is not the only class focusing in technology.

Matthieu de Tugny, Bureau Veritasʼ new executive vice president for maritime and offshore, commented that

If we donʼt invest in digitalisation we will not survive as this is part of the industryʼs transformation.