Mainly, the device is a wireless helmet camera that allows engineers and inspectors to see exactly what the person wearing it sees; The device consists of live, high-quality audio and video streaming. The helmet provides a high-resolution image capture, real-time mark-up of images or videos and easy document sharing.

Multiple people can participate in a support session and the session can also be recorded for later playback or training.

Moreover, one advantage coming from this device is that classification societies will have the chance to conduct their surveys remotely, without sending their surveyor onboard. The surveys that can be conducted remotely will also be time-saving and cost clear.


In addition, another benefit is remote assistance for crew members onboard ships. The crew member can quickly and easily ask for help from a more experienced colleague ashore or a technician from the manufacturing company.

RINA highlights that the helmet is also optimised for low bandwidth, mitigating the possibilities of disruptions due to weak internet connections of vessels far out at sea.

Concluding, RINA developed this device along with VR Media Srl, located in the Italian city of Pisa. The company is specialised in augmented reality training and turnkey hardware and software solutions for remote support.