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2023 SEAFiT Crew Survey: Internet connectivity is the number one wellbeing factor for seafarers

The 2023 SEAFiT Crew survey, which is the largest survey on crew welfare conducted worldwide with the participation of 1.6K ships and 19K seafarers, highlighted as a key outcome that the internet plays a vital role for life onboard. Over 70% of the crew members do not experience difficulties in establishing good relationships with their colleagues and rely on high-quality internet access to maintain connections and communicate with their loved ones back on land, a need expressed by an astounding 91% of participants.

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SAFETY4SEA ESG Climate Survey: Industry needs to focus on the three ESG dimensions equally

Although the Environmental related issues seem to be well cared by shipping organizations to successfully achieve the green transition; Society and Governance need to be appropriately integrated into the industry’s policies. However, the industry is not giving much priority to the Governance parameter, giving ground mainly to the “E” and “S” of ESG, the SAFETY4SEA ESG Climate Survey revealed.

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SAFETY4SEA Crew Welfare Survey: Key areas of attention for life onboard during COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, seafarers work and live under challenging conditions onboard. Among others, this situation revealed that we should never loose focus of wellbeing and take anything for granted; in that respect, feedback is vital. Crew welfare is a top issue and latest SAFETY4SEA survey calls maritime industry stakeholders to consider it as a key priority in order to turn the tide.

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