As BIMCO says, the new short-term measure requires existing ships to comply with an EEXI limit, if adopted by IMO. The proposal offers a simplified way to comply by using estimated speed/power curves and power limitation.


Together with Greece, Japan, Norway, Panama, The United Arabic Emirates, ICS, INTERTANKO and RINA, BIMCO is proposing a package of amendments to MARPOL Annex VI and related guidelines for calculation of EEXI and application of Engine or Shaft Power Limitation. The package will mandate existing ships to comply with the energy efficiency limits of new ships at the time of adoption.

The proposal is submitted to the intersessional working group on Green House Gas reductions which will meet in the week preceding the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) session in March.

While there are still details to be worked out during the week-long meeting, the proposal's aim is to require the existing fleet to operate at an efficiency level which is on par with that for new ships entering the fleet

BIMCO said.