North Club accounts 20-year strong presence in Greece: Key initiatives and future plans

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Gordon Robertson, Director (Greece) and Tony Allen, Director (Greece) at North P&I Club explain why the Greek market is so important to the Club. On the occasion of a 20-year presence in Greece, the two Executives from North Club share key initiatives taken and milestones achieved while they also reveal future plans of their agenda.

New measures announced to strengthen the Greek flag

The Greek government is launching a new package of measures to stop ‘leakage’ of ships and tonnage from the Greek flag to registers outside the European Union. The new measures also aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the Greek seafarers.

Greece, Portugal focus on maritime safety

Prime Minister António Costa of Portugal and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece visited EMSA in Lisbon today, hosted by the Agency’s Executive Director, Maja Markovčić Kostelac.

Greek court temporarily releases Maersk Launcesto master

Following the collision of Maersk Launcesto containership with the Hellenic Navy minesweeper Kallisto off Piraeus, its captain has been temporarily released from custody in Greece, as local authorities continue their investigation.

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