Previously, AMSA had revoked the Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock (ACCL) of the Panamanian-flagged livestock carrier 'Jawan', as 'the vessel’s approved stability data cannot be relied upon when the vessel is loaded'.


The ship was detained in the Australian Port of Portland on 22 November, as it was recorded rolling heavily from side to side, shortly after she departed from the Port with a load of 4,327 cows.

Previously, the vessel, which was originally designed to carry cargo before being converted for live export purposes, was carrying 4,327 cows that were not injured, but concerns were raised about its seaworthiness.

What is more, an examination of the MV Jawan by the vessel’s classification society and operator identified numerous issues with fresh water tanks and their pumping systems as being a likely contributor to the stability issues. To address this risk, all ballast and fresh water tanks were filled to capacity to limit the impact on the ship’s stability as a result of water moving in and between tanks.

AMSA has now established conditions for the voyage including regular reporting to AMSA and the voyage plan takes into account expected weather conditions and includes contingency plans.

The authority will also not consider reissuing an Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock until repairs have been completed and AMSA is completely satisfied that the vessel’s stability issues have been resolved.