Incidents in December 

-Passenger vessel: A small hole was detected in a section of the vessel’s galley and passengers were disembarked for an out of water inspection. Arrangements were made for immediate repair. No injuries or pollution reported.

-Passenger vessel: A vessel was involved in a near miss and forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision with another vessel travelling on the wrong side of the river and not altering course or slowing down.

-Non-passenger: A scuba diver drowned from unknown causes. The diver was recovered and transported by ambulance.

-Non-Passenger: A snorkelling guide sustained lacerations to the body when they entered the water and made contact with the port outboard propeller.

-Commercial fishing: A vessel made heavy contact with a fuel wharf during refueling, resulting in a 5m-long gash along the vessel’s portside mid ship. No injuries or pollution reported.

-Commercial fishing: A fishing vessel sank overnight and was towed to shore due to poor seaworthiness. Between 160-180 litres of diesel was on board, all of which was recovered with no pollution reported.

-Hire and drive: A hired houseboat sank due to suspected damage from rocks. Marine rescue assisted in towing the vessel to the closest beach. The owner laid out floating booms around the vessel aft as a precaution against possible oil or fuel leaks. No injuries reported.

-Hire and drive: A vessel ran aground and became stuck on a muddy bank. There was a large ingress of water, causing an electrical failure.

-Hire and drive: A houseboat passenger was seriously injured after they jumped off the vessel’s swim deck and hit the riverbed. Suspected broken neck.

-Hire and drive: A vessel was damaged and sustained internal cracking after it was struck by another vessel that had dragged its anchor. The vessel causing the damage did not have enough anchor chain rope out to keep the vessel secure.

-Hire and drive: Jetski driver collided with tour guide on a jetski then a small recreational fishing vessel. No injuries reported.


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