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Cruise ships damage Venice, Italia Nostra reports

After a cruise ship collided with a dock and a tourist boat in Venice on June 2 in the Giudecca Canal, the historic preservation association Italia Nostra stated that large ships should no longer travel along that channel. 
Specifically, Italia Nostra said that the June accident shows that Venice is at serious risk and called for a ban of cruise ships in the city.

Asia saw fewer total shipping losses in 2018

The frequency and cost of collision, grounding and fire incidents has increased in some areas for Asian-based ship owners and managers, but the number of total losses as a whole has reduced significantly over the past 12 months, said Allianz in its recent Shipping and Safety review 2019.

Product tanker collides with bridge on Mississippi

On June 16, a product tanker collided with the Sunshine Bridge, a highway crossing over the Mississippi about halfway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. As the US Coast Guard reported, no injuries or pollution took place. The fender system sustained damages, with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development stating that there are no structural issues with the bridge itself.

Danube fatal collision: Cruise ship captain released on bail

The captain of the cruise vessel ‘Viking Sigyn’ was released on bail on Wednesday, two weeks after the fatal collision with another tourist boat on the Danube River, Budapest, that killed a total of 28 people, marking one of the worst disasters on the river in the last century. 

Cargo boat with 7 onboard hits bridge in Norway

According to local sources, a cargo boat had suffered a partially crashed wheelhouse, when it collided on the Nordhordland Bridge near Steinestø, Norway, at the weekend. The vessel had seven people onboard, yet no injuries were reported.

Hamburg’s restored wooden ship sinks after collision with container ship

A recently restored wooden sailing ship sunk as it collided with a container ship in Hamburg. Because of the quick response of five rescue boats which where in the area when the accident happened, all 43 passengers were rescued. The two ships collided on the River Elbe after a failed tack led the sailing ship into the container ship.

Watch: Russia, US blame each other for almost colliding

The US Navy released two videos showing that while operating in the Philippine Sean a Russian destroyer (Udaloy I DD 572) made an unsafe maneuver against USS Chancellorsville (CG-62), closing to ~50-100 feet. The incident took place at approximately 11:45 am on June 7, 2019.

Supply vessel collision reported with Statfjord A platform

On 7 June, the supply vessel PSV Sjøborg collided into the Statfjord A platform in connection with loading operations. Statfjord A is currently in a scheduled production stop, and there was no production on the platform when the incident took place. There were a total of 276 people on board Statfjord A when the collision happened, but there are no injuries on board the platform.


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