Paper: Collision prevention for ports and terminals

TT Club, ICHCA International and PEMA issued a new paper ‘Collision prevention at ports and terminals’, in a bid to improve safety, reduce injuries and loss of life, equipment damage and minimize costly business disruption at ports and terminals worldwide. 

Non compliance with COLREGs could lead to collision

In it’s latest issue, CHIRP focuses on two vessels’s crossing situation, while approaching a major port, as one of them didn’t follow the 15th rule of Collision Regulations. With a CPA of less than 0.25nm between the vessels, the report describes the whole procedure that each ship made and the actions taken, in order to avoid an incident.

Failure to follow procedures leads to collision with bridge

The Japan Transport Safety Board issued a report concerning the collision of the 25,431-ton cargo vessel ERNA OLDENDORFF, with the Oshima Bridge, in Obatake Seto, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, during the early hours of Monday, October 22, 2018.

Vessel hits channel buoy after pilot leaves bridge duties

In its latest issue, CHIRP focuses on an incident when a tanker in ballast had to rapidly disembark because of bad weather, but eventually collided with a channel buoy, after the pilot left the bridge. CHIRP concluded that the pilot should hand over the conn in a safe navigational position with ample time for the next manoeuvre.

USS Fitzgerald deadly collision: Poor seamanship in the spotlight

It has been over two years since the US Navy was shaken by two successive collisions involving US navy ships and claiming lives of 17 sailors. As part of its lessons learned series, SAFETY4SEA focuses today on the collision between the USS Fitzgerald with a merchant ship which pushed the US Navy to redefine its approach on safety.

Skipper unable to slow down vessel, collides with wind turbine tower

In the latest edition of Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on a collision, when a crew transfer vessel collided with a wind turbine power, as the pitch control rod on the starboard controllable pitch propeller system was stuck, making the skippers attempts to slow down the vessel unsuccessful. 

Watch: Cruise ship collided with cargo vessel on Danube river

The Phoenix Reisen river cruise ship Prinzessin Isabella collided with an unidentified Panama-flagged cargo ship in Tulcea waters, Romania, Danube, in the early morning of Saturday, 5 October. The cargo vessel which was proceeding upstream en route to Galati, severely damaged the cruise ship with 165 passengers on board and was sailing downstream to Tulcea at the time of the collision.

Lessons learned: Good visibility not enough to prevent collision

The UK MAIB analyzed a case of a collision between a Ro-Ro passenger ferry and a motor cruiser, which was linked to insufficient lookout, despite fine weather and good visibility. Even in such conditions, other vessels can be easily missed if nobody is looking out for them, MAIB underlined. 


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