The booklet 'Risk Awareness; Pollution Claims' is part of the UK Club's Risk Awareness series, dealing with the risk area of Pollution, sub-divided into Threats and then Controls.

Each threat is followed by a ‘score’ section where the individual Controls can be graded according to how effective they are:

  1. Very good control
  2. Good control
  3. Average control
  4. Poor control
  5. Very poor control (maybe non-existent)

Threat: Ballast Water Pollution


-Equipment condition/maintenance

  • Pipes tested/checked?
  • Pumps in good order and tested regularly?
  • Ballast eductors in good order and tested regularly?
  • Ballast tank inspection/maintenance?

-Ballast water exchange procedures

  • Stability calculations and stress calculations performed for all ballast exchanges and recorded
  • Ballast exchange procedure and plan in place for the vessel, where, how and when to exchange ballast
  • Records to be kept are maintained, etc
  • Pre-exchange plan for each operation
  • Personnel involved instructed on procedures
  • One person in charge of exchange
  • Legal requirements to inform next port authorities met
  • Pre-exchange and post exchange samples in clean containers maintained onboard if required

-Ballast water sterilisation  

  • Equipment fitted
  • Requirement to have fitted and when is known
  • Plan for fitting and when is on board

-Toolbox talks and work planning meetings  

--Are these pre-work meetings held onboard?

--They should include, as far as practical to do so, the following:

  • Risk assessment of operation to include the plan to be discussed and evaluated with the team members
  • Safety matters, to include:
  1. Discuss the job plan overall
  2. What is the job, and procedure to follow?
  3. Who will do what?
  4. Discuss the safety rules for the area of work to be done
  • What could go wrong
  • What are the main hazards
  • Assess the risks and how do you eliminate them?
  • Get all to participate to create ownership of safety in the job.

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