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Sri Lanka: Bulk crew changes through Offshore Crew Transit Hub

Starting from 22 December 2020, bulk crew changes have begun for international seafarers through the Offshore Crew Transit Hub (OCTH) operated by a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP). The crew transit hub is a passenger vessel stationed in Sri Lankan territorial waters providing a temporary stay for seafarers during bulk crew change operations.

Tips on how to prevent musculoskeletal injuries

The UK Club’s Crew Health team have partnered with Red Square Medical to provide advice on musculoskeletal disorders to seafarers.  Musculoskeletal disorders is a term used when a person suffers from an injury or a repetitive activity that affects the body’s structural support system that allows for movement.

Egypt updates its customs law

The UK P&I Club’s correspondents in Egypt, Middle East Survey & Control Office (MESCO), inform about the new Customs Law which has come into effect in Egypt by November 12.

UK Club launches Crew Change Advice guide

The UK Club launched a comprehensive guide concerning crew change operations, outlining the challenges and changes taking place in global ports, aiming to assist and provide helpful information to seafarers.

How to cope with lockdown at sea

Being stuck at sea during such a pandemic can lead to uncertainty about the future, anger, fear, anxiety and sadness. Recognising these symptomsis a great first step to mitigate the psychological effects experienced during lockdown.  

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