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UK Club: How dangerous is aluminium dross

The UK P&I Club and the TT Club inform about a consignment of aluminium pellets (or dross) that was found at the port of loading with the doors and sides of the container blown out. The terminal arranged to test the samples, as there was no evidence that the unit had been dropped during handling.

Turkey: Mediation necessary for resolving commercial disputes

The UK P&I Club informed that new articles have recently been added to the Turkish Commercial Code. These articles make it compulsory for parties to refer their commercial disputes to mediation before starting proceedings in court. According to Mr. Sertac Sayhan of Sayhan Law Office, this means that cargo claims have to be taken firstly to a Mediator before being lodged at the Competent Court.

World AIDS Day: Know your HIV status even when onboard

In commemoration of World AIDS Day today, marking its 30th anniversary, we prepared an article-feature to spread awareness and help curb the rising cases of HIV infection and correct the stigma and discrimination that afflicts those living in this medical condition, and especially those working onboard. World AIDS Day 2018 theme encourages everyone to know their HIV status!

UK Club offers access to mindfulness recordings

UK Club’s Crew Health team announced that it will now be offering its operators access to mindfulness recordings. By practising mindfulness, an individual can relax when feeling stressed or worried. UK Club has collaborated with Andrew Johnson, who helps people relax through self-care MP3 downloads, Apps and workshops.

New approach to effective detention of ships in Ukraine

The UK P&I Club issued updated information regarding the conditions of ship detentions in Ukraine. Citing information provided by local correspondents, Dias Marine Consulting, the Club said that the scheme implemented by the representatives of the Ecological Inspection to detain ships which refused to allow samples of segregated ballast, is abandoned at present.

UK Club: Recent developments on Limitation Fund in Singapore and UAE

Under the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims 1976, shipowners may limit their liability in maritime claims by establishing a limitation fund. From 1 February 2018, Singapore’s Rules of Court have been amended to allow a person seeking relief in a limitation action to constitute a limitation fund either by making payment into Court under an order of the Court, or by producing a LOU from a P&I Club acceptable to the Court.

UK Club: How to conduct a safe bunkering operation

The UK P&I Club released guidance to ensure safe bunkering operations. The Club said that bunkering operations are routine and critical, high risk operations which require to be carefully planned and performed. Safe bunkering measures are divide in Pre-arrival; Prior to bunkering; During bunkering; On Completion.

UK Club: LED lighting can prevent cargo hold fires

The UK P&I Club drew attention to cargo fire risks associated with the lighting system in a vessel hold. The Club was notified by New Zealand TAIC of such incident and advised that alternative LED lighting should be considered, to reduce the risk posed by lights that radiate high levels of heat.

UK P&I Club receives SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce that UK P&I Club has received the 2018 SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award at a prestigious award ceremony which successfully concluded on October the 2nd at Yacht Club of Greece in Athens, the evening ahead of the SAFETY4SEA Conference.


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