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UK P&I Club warns about the risk of hepatitis

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver. Medical examination results obtained from the UK P&I Club PEME clinic network show that 10.1% of crew unfitness is related to hepatitis, while 8.5% of the total crew found unfit due to Hepatitis B. There are five types of hepatitis viruses, identified by the letters A, B,C,D, and E.

Most containers found illegal at two Thai ports after waste ban

Following Thailand’s waste ban, the UK Club informed that, to date, there are approximately 1,600 containers and 1,400 containers of scrap or waste cargoes at Laem Chabang Port and Bangkok Port respectively. The majority of the containers checked by Customs were found to be illegal

UK P&I Club’s Crew Health programme calls for better crew welfare

While the voting procedure for the 2018 SAFETY4SEA Awards is open, Sophia Bullard, Director of UK P&I Club’s Crew Health Programme shares a few words about the Crew Health/PEME Programme for which the Club has been shortlisted for the ‘Initiative’ category alongside a number of other distinguished nominees. The UK P&I Club has operated this program for 22 years, showing strong commitment to the well-being of crew and inspiring several other industry’s stakeholders.

China amends discharge standard for water pollutants

In line with continuous efforts to minimize pollution both on air and in the water, the Chinese government has issued amended Discharge Standard for Water Pollutants from Ships, which has become effective from 1 July 2018, according to Hatai Insurance Agency.

Personal injuries at mooring stations remain alarming

The UK P&I Club has reported several recent incidents involving crew at mooring stations, most of which have resulted in life-changing or even fatal injuries. Industry advice with respect to identifying and marking snap-back zones came under review in 2015, when a deck officer was seriously injured during a mooring operation.

Lessons learned: Oil spilled due to defective cargo hose

UK P&I Club informs about an oil spill incident. Namely, a tanker was ready to load a petroleum product cargo at an offshore anchorage by ship to ship transfer (STS). During the operation, the cargo hose ruptured causing oil to spray on deck and overboard. A small quantity of oil was released into the sea, because of the effective response of the crew.

UK Club issues updates on Asian gypsy moth for 2018

The UK P&I Club informed about the high risk season for Asian Gypsy Moth. Ships which have called an infested area during the period in which AGM is likely to contaminate them, especially from June to September, should be inspected and get an Inspection Certificate of Freedom from AGM before entering the NAPPO region.

Fuel contamination at Port of Houston expanded to Panama

On 26th April 2018, Veritas Petroleum Services issued a Bunker Alert informing about a fuel contamination problem at the Port of Houston, which included sticking of fuel plungers, fuel-pump seizures and failures affecting multiple vessels. A situation that was also confirmed by FOBAS. Now, the UK Club informs that this problem has expanded to Panama as well.

UK Club: FAQs on current bunker issues in US Gulf

Following continued bunker issues in the US Gulf, the UK Club published a short FAQ in conjunction with Brookes Bell. These claims appear to relate to fuel bunkered late March-May this year, with the problems manifest variously in the form of sticking and seizure of fuel injection system components and blocking of fuel filters. 

Possible consequences of US JCPOA withdrawal

The decision by President Trump on 8th May, 2018 to cease the US participation in the JCPOA and to re-impose US nuclear-related sanctions which were lifted to implement the JCPOA, is likely to have significant consequences for maritime trade with Iran and the insurance of such trade, the UK P&I Club warns.


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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