Specifically, the robot is equipped with laser and sonar equipment, and a high-res camera that enables it to gather data rapidly, no matter the weather conditions. Moreover, inspections are conducted faster, cause less disruption and produce objective data.

North Sea ports collaborated with Asset Insight - a VolkerWessels company, and the Indian company Planys Technologies conducted the inspections. They are also developing a system to enable measured data to be consulted in a clear way - a combination that is unique in the market. The next exploration is currently being investigated, in partnership with the Port of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is a leader when it comes to technological initiatives that boost the shipping industry and make the operations easier and safer. For instance, in 2018, the port, in line with the PortXL innovation programme, inked an agreement with four companies that will boost the port's operations. Moreover, Rotterdam in partnership with the British Ports Association launched a smart ports paper to further examine port digitalization and highlight the advantages gained from smart ports.