As logistics and maritime sectors face a number of economic and environmental challenges, digitalisation presents new opportunities to not only raise efficiency within logistics chains but also improve their sustainability, explained Joyce Bliek, Director of Digital Business Solutions at the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

As the Port of Rotterdam, we strongly believe in the added value of a global network of connected ports around the world. Such a network can facilitate the active exchange of data, both within port communities and between individual ports. In Rotterdam, we are making a dedicated investment in our digital development. And we rely on the knowledge, experience and innovations we have amassed in this field to support other ports – from vision to realization. The BPA’s Port Futures programme gives close attention to technology and automation,

...she commented.

Based on the digital maturity model as described in this paper, ports can grow step by step into smart ports and, although innovative technology plays a key role, it is not an objective in and of itself. The focus is on sharing data.

The level at which this happens will have an impact on the digital maturity of a port, and on the associated benefits, the paper concluded.

The paper is part of the BPA Port Futures programme, a thought leadership programme where the BPA teams up with industry partners, innovators and experts on several topics.

Smart port operations can offer new ways of improving port services and infrastructure by getting the most out of our assets and joining up different parts of the supply chain within and beyond ports. This paper sets out some of the benefits of smart operations and how ports can benefit. Ports of all sizes face similar challenges in adapting to new technologies and developments in the industries we serve. Smart port operations will give ports the edge in becoming greener and ultimately, more efficient in serving the wide range of industries we support,

...British Ports Association Chief Executive Richard Ballantyne commented.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience in this field with the BPA members, in the hope that we can both inform and inspire them. Indeed, this is why we have teamed up with the BPA to offer you this white paper: a jointly developed guide for gaining insight into your port’s digital maturity level. What’s your maturity level – and which step comes next?

...added Bliek.

The paper may be found here.