The wind turbine is most likely to be used for the first round of major offshore wind projects in the United States. The USD35 million deal with Clemson University marks MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s first major investment in the US.

Jakob Søbye, Senior Director of Technology at MHI Vestas, said: “We are delighted to have found such world-class facilities to carry out vital testing of the world’s most powerful wind turbine. The testing and verification of the gearbox and bearings will allow us to optimize the performance and reliability of the wind turbine.”

From the tests that will be carried out, big data will be used by MHI Vestas in order to optimize the operation of the turbine and minimize the fatigue on components.

Clemson and MHI Vestas's cooperation will enable the latter to advance their technology and create a new source of renewable energy vital for the energy future, according to Randy Collins, Clemson’ associate vice president in Charleston. He continued stating that the partnership between the two will not only enhance wind turbine technology, but the education and scientific knowledge of Clemson’s student as well.

The testing facility was partially funded by an Energy Department grant and matched by public and private funds and its mission is to provide high quality and cost-competitive testing services to industry and establish long-term workforce development, research and education partnerships.