Switzerland demands the suspension of all court and administrative proceedings and refraining from initiating new ones.

On the contrary, Nigeria requested that the tribunal rejects all of the Swiss requests for provisional measures. The tribunal will now think of the case.

Concerning the vessel detained, the incident took place on January 2018, when the Nigerian Navy intercepted and arrested the 7,600 dwt ship while it was engaged in ship-to-ship transfers of gasoil in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Nigeria.

According to reports, the vessel San Padre Pio, was detained as it conducted unauthorized entry into Nigerian waters and illegal fuel trading, despite the fact that the Captain supported that San Padre Pio had permission to ship the fuel to this country. It was reportedly the tanker’s fifth visit to Nigeria.

The vessel was ordered to sail to Port Harcourt in Nigeria where it is still detained.

Following this event, Switzerland commented that

(Nigeria) has breached its obligations owed to Switzerland in regard to its freedom of navigation and its right to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over the San Padre Pio.

Continuing, the country called Nigeria to take all measures needed to make sure that the restrictions on the liberty, security and movement of the San Padre Pio, her crew and cargo are immediately lifted to allow them to leave Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has already been asked to enable the San Pedro Pio to be resupplied and crewed so that it can depart the region.