The Ningbo coastal route inter-cross with the East China Sea fishing zone, with fishing vessels navigating mostly in formation or operate in concentration. It is common for fishing vessels to operate in pairs using trawling method, long lining and bottom trawling in night time, or conduct operation when anchored.



  • Vessels should avoid and maintain safe distance from areas with heavy traffic of fishing vessels, from as distant as possible. Crossing areas where fishing vessels are concentrated should be avoided.
  • When navigating in fishing areas, vessels should enhance navigational watch, switch to hand steering when necessary, maintain a safe speed and ensure the main engine is readily operable. Vessels should use ship horn, signal light, and any means of communication or navigational aid to prevent close quarters situation. Captain should be in charge on bridge when necessary.
  • If any casualty occurs, aside from reporting to the company’s Designated Person Ashore (DPA), the vessel should report the to the nearest China MSA office directly or through the vessel agent.
  • Keep clear with fishing areas when making route plans,and mark the navigation method for complicated routes and also the Do’s and Don’ts in the plan.
  • Navigate under safe speed and maintain effective watch-keeping.
  • Inform the master when necessary.
  • Call 12395 in case of any accident.

-For trawling

For double fishing trawling vessels, your vessel should maintain no less than 1 nautical mile from their stern and by no less than 0.5 nautical mile on each side. Your vessel should maintain a safe distance when crossing the fishing vessel’s bow and is prohibited to cut across the middle of a double fishing trawling vessel operation.

For single drag fishing trawling vessel, your vessel should take the same precaution and avoidance action as per double trawling fishing vessels. The vessel is to pay attention and avoid the side of the fishing trawling vessel, especially when the vessel is retrieving or casting net, do expect sudden and frequent change of course. We recommended your vessel keep a minimum distance of 0.5 nautical mile away from the fishing trawling vessel.

-For drift net fishing

Your vessel should maintain at least 0.5 nautical mile away from this fishing trawler, and is prohibited from navigating close to the fishing trawler bow, and maintain at least 1.0 nautical mile away from the fishing trawler when the driftnet has been cast. In the event that your vessel is in close proximity of the drift net, the vessel should immediately stop all engines to avoid the net being entangled on the propeller, and let the vessel across the fishing vessel’ s net by inertia. Master or officer in charge should maneuver with extra caution and based on the performance of the vessel.

-For purse seine fishing

Vessel should keep a minimum safe distance 0.5 nautical mile from the upstream direction of the purse seine fishing trawler.

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