The 1,300 tonne coaster "CEG Galaxy" had dragged both of its anchors close to the shore of Kerrera and the busy north entrance of Oban bay facing windy conditions, putting itself dangerously close to those areas.


CEG Galaxy was unable to turn away to a safer location as it was anchored waiting for mechanical repair.

It was in the process of completing an engine repair and wasn’t able to manoeuvre itself. a spokesman for Stornoway Coastguard noted.

Minutes later at 11:00, "Mora Edith MacDonald" along with 7 personnel onboard, immediately landed at the scene. Specifically, one of its crewmembers managed to get onboard the dragged vessel to help, while a a towline passed securely between the vessels.

Once secure the vessel lifted its anchors and the lifeboat slowly began to pull the vessel forwards, clear of the shore and into its preferred position where its anchors were dropped again by 12.30pm. Oban lifeboat returned to its berth shortly after.

...said Oban RNLI.

Eventually, RNLI team accomplished to find a safe shelter for the coaster, to continue its engine repair, away from the rough weather. For the records, Ceg Galaxy, is a Latvian-registered general cargo ship and has been anchored in Oban Bay for several days.