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ONE Apus ready to depart after major container loss

The ill-fated container ship ONE Apus is expected to be available to depart around mid of March, shiponwer ONE informed, just over three months after the ship suffered a major container loss in the Pacific Ocean.

TSB Canada investigation: Collision of two bulk carriers after dragging anchor

TSB Canada issued an investigation report on the collision of the bulk carriers Golden Cecilie and Green K-Max 1 in the Plumper Sound, British Columbia, in March 2020. The Golden Cecilie suffered dragging anchor due to heavy winds, the report reveals, stressing that the crew did not follow established procedures to ready the vessel for impending adverse weather conditions. 

Equinor to test floating solar off Frøya

Equinor, offshore wind major, explores the opportunities of wind offshore solar power, as according to the plan it will construct a floating pilot plant off Frøya, aiming to become the world’s first pilot plant for floating solar power in rough waters.

Fata Morgana: Legend or science?

Legends and superstitions are a common phenomenon in shipping, an industry with roots lost in the centuries, but some of them come along with rational explanations. Surely, you have heard of haunted vessels or ghost ships, but have you ever heard of the legendary ‘Fata Morgana’?  

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