Accordingly, the newly opened centre will enable RINA to integrate, in real time and on a single platform, ship records and certificates, ship plans, manuals and calculations, with data from the shipboard automation and meteo-marine information, Port State control statistics, piracy areas, ECA and SECA areas, navigational alerts, availability of service suppliers and many more from external sources.

Among its functions, the platform will display real time position and navigational data of entire fleets, allowing the classification society to support shipowners on non-RINA vessels, while an expert surveying team in the control room in Athens to monitor and promptly cater for anticipated or unexpected requirements of the ship, optimizing operations and reducing downtime for shipowners.

It is added that the ship’s KPI will also be able to include inputs from the Owner’s ERP system, such as crewing data.

The FOC represents RINA's vision on how to assist shipowners and ship operators, providing them both core, class and statutory certification, and additional innovative services. In addition, the Centre, given the current challenges, provides remote inspections, as well as immediate, no-delay, attendance on board, with the possibility of cooperative surveys between RINA’s surveyors and specialists, ship’s superintendent, manufacturers and technicians.

Referring to the opening, Paolo Moretti, CEO of RINA Services stated that

Data monitoring and analysis platforms provide powerful analytical capabilities to extract value and business insights from data. The way class societies work is changing, their ability to provide the shipping industry with additional services targeted at efficiency, safety and sustainability will be of paramount importance for the whole sector.