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IACS launches its 2018 Annual Review

The IACS published its Annual Review addressing activities it undertook the past year, including articles about key areas such as sulphur 2020, autonomous ships and cyber safety, as well as a ‘Class Report’ with data on the IACS fleet.

How can shipping industry collaborate effectively with start-ups

Start-ups have the capability to help the maritime industry adopt innovation among the increasing intrusion of digital technologies and lead its transformation. With a maritime backround, their founders may have worked for big maritime companies in the past, but are now exploring ways to work with a much smaller team. This gives them the ability to find solutions quickly.

Iran, Vietnam in talks to improve maritime cooperation

Mohammad Rastad, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, is in talks with Vietnamese officials with the aim of improving trade and connectivity capacities between the two countries. The first meeting between Iran and Vietnam Maritime cooperation group will take place in Tehran at the end of 2019, as reported by Mohammad Rastad.

Bahri plans to expand in Asia-Pacific market

Bahri, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia announced its plans to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region market. The decision follows the company’s long term strategy to expand. The announcement was made at a ceremony that took place in Singapore in April.

NOAA: What is Seaspeak?

Seaspeak is the official language of the seas that helps to prevent any form of miscommunication. Since miscommunication can easily lead to serious and dangerous situation, seafarers use a specific language to prevent nay accidents from happening.

Iran – Oman to launch new shipping line

Iran’s Ambassador announced on Wednesday, April 17, that Iran and Oman are to launch a new shipping line between their ports in the Persian Gulf in a move to help boost economic interactions between the two countries.

EU supports trade talks with the US

The European Council voted to begin talks concerning the Trans-Atlantic Investment Partnership (TTIP), revealing the possibility that the US and EU could sign a new trade deal. The vote took place on April 15, and was passed despite France opposing to the US’s position on climate change, and specifically President Trump’s decision to be excluded from the Paris Agreement.

Scrubber Realities: The Ship Operator Perspective

During her presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Ms. Charis Plakantonaki, Chief Strategy Officer, Star Bulk, talked about the reality regarding scrubbers. Ms. Plakantonaki explained why Star Bulk decided to use exhaust gas cleaning systems, while she presented two studies which showcased that open-loop scrubbers comply with international standards and do not harm the marine environment.

Wallem presents its new strategy

Wallem’s CEO, Frank Coles, announced the company’s new strategy; the new CEO aims to harness the latest technology in order to enhance asset management transparency and efficiency in a program intended to transform the relationship between owners and their ships.


Do you think the entire shipping industry will be completely digitalized by 2025?

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