A SGD40m ($29.5m) national budget has been set aside that will be given out over one year for the development of this next-frontier 5G Trial Tech Call in port operations, where an operator can remotely control driverless cranes and trucks to load and unload containers, or remotely inspect machines using driverless drones.

M1 will support PSA and Infocomm Media Development Authority for a timeframe of 18 months to research 5G performance and capabilities for port applications, including remote control of port equipment and enhancing Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) operations.

Moreover, the results of the trials will be used to gain a wider knowledge on future 5G deployments to a wider variety of participants, such as Government, service providers and various industries.

Denis Seek, Chief Technical Officer, M1 noted

The development of 5G capabilities will play a pivotal role in Singapore’s Smart Nation journey.

He continued that the tests will provide them with a better insight and enhance their knowledge on 5G network infrastructure

Bill Change, CEO, Group Enterprises, Singtel, applauded the project

5G has immense potential to catapult manufacturing capabilities into an ultra-fast and low-latency reality.