The quality of Canada’s transportation infrastructure and the efficiency of the country’s trade corridors are crucial to Canadian companies in the global marketplace. Canada invests in infrastructure projects that create quality jobs and support economic growth.


The Port of Hamilton is the primary export gateway for Ontario-grown grain to global markets. Currently the port is experiencing capacity constraints at Pier 10 which result in shipping delays.

Expansion of the port will lead to additional export capacity for agricultural products by establishing covered storage for bulk goods, addressing congestion by creating additional docking space that will mitigate vessel wait time, and improving the efficiency of the transportation system and food-processing supply chain.

These investments are expected to affect significantly the economic and have employment benefits for the region by creating around 110 jobs in the region during construction.

Canada is also supporting infrastructure projects that contribute most to its success in international trade. Trade diversification is a key component of the National Trade Corridors Fund, through projects that:

  • Improve the fluidity and performance of the transportation system to increase the value and volume of goods exported from Canada to overseas markets;
  • Generate new overseas trade as a result of the investment.