Malta Freeport welcomes its first LNG-fueled container ship

Malta Freeport Terminals welcomed the first ever LNG-fueled container ship to visit Malta during the course of the vessel’s maiden voyage from Asia to Rotterdam. The ‘Containerships Polar’ discharged more than 560 containers during its call to Malta. 

New bulk terminal to be built at Muuga Harbor, Estonia

On 12 June 2019, AS Tallinna Sadam and PK Terminal OÜ signed a collaboration agreement and a right of superficies for the creation of a bulk and mixed cargo terminal in Muuga Harbor, which deals with the handling and storage of roundwood, pellets, crushed stone and metal products. 

Port of Nanaimo to welcome its first cruise ship of season

The first cruise ship of the season, the 596 guest Silversea Cruises Silver Muse, will dock at the Port of Nanaimo, on Sunday, June 16. The vessel will arrive from Prince Rupert Sunday at 8 a.m., departing at 10 p.m. Tourism Nanaimo and Ambassadors from the Nanaimo Hospitality Association will be at the terminal and throughout downtown to greet and advise passengers on what to do during their stay.

South Carolina Ports Authority achieved its best May ever

South Carolina Ports Authority announced on June 11 that it achieved its strongest May on record. Namely, the Port handled 204,457 twenty-foot equivalent container units handled last month. Fiscal year-to-date TEU volume has increased by 9.7%, with 2,192,689 TEUs handled since the Port’s fiscal year started in July.

Dunkerque Port provides rewards for clean port calls

Taking an initiative during the European Sustainable Development Week from 30 May to 5 June, Dunkerque-Port has initiated an environmental reward system for low-emission ships calling at Dunkerque. This aims to help improve air quality. The reward is calculated based on the number of clean port calls made by the company or the charterer, in proportion to the total number of clean port calls recorded in the port over one year.

Nord Port Shuttle now connects Dunkerque and Metz

Dunkerque-Port is developing a combined transport plan with the implementation of the Flandres Express rail service to the East of France from Wednesday 5 June onwards. Created in 2013, NPS has been established as a network of containerized river services between Dunkerque and the main inland ports of the Hauts-de-France Region.

How does cold ironing affect the environment

Using electrical power for ships at berth instead of diesel-burning engines, ‘cold ironing’ can greatly reduce air pollution from ships. When ships use shore power, they connect into landside electricity for their power needs at berth, avoiding to run diesel-fueled auxiliary on-board engines. According to estimations, shore power is able to limit air pollution from ships at berth by 95%.

Port of Everett to receive new cranes

A barge with a pair of 100-foot-high cargo cranes will dock at the Port of Everett next week, after conducting a 1,400-mile ocean journey from Los Angeles. By the end of the year, they cranes will become part of the Port’s working waterfront. The cranes will go into storage for a few months, as they will wait for the completion of a $37 million project to upgrade the South Terminal dock, this December.

Belgium presents digital customs platform to simplify e-commerce

As Belgium wants to simplify the import and export of goods, it introduced the BE-GATE customs platform on 6 June. The portal, which was designed for the growth market of e-commerce, aims to increase the efficiency of customs clearance in the cross-border flow of goods.

APM Terminals Algeciras to increase its tractor fleet

APM Terminals Algeciras, one of the largest container terminal in the Mediterranean, is renewing and increasing its fleet of terminal tractors. The company has began introducing the new Terberg YT222 model, which features better ergonomics, safety and environmental impact.


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