Following discussions earlier in the year and the subsequent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organisations shortly before Christmas, strategic organiser Danny McGowan welcomed ZS Wellness, to the Union's expanding network of strategic partners.

The memorandum reflects ZS Wellness's commitment to professional professionalism, safety and welfare of maritime professionals working at seas and ashore, so we are pleased to support the offer by ZS Wellness for our members,

...said Mr. McGowan.

The company was set up by CEO Andrew Cowderoy, a former cadet and aspiring seafarer who used his experience of rebuilding his life after being declared unfit to return to work due to an unexpected diagnosis with ulcerative colitis.

AIM – which has been developed by ZS Wellness specifically for crew at sea - uses smart watches, from Garmin, to provide bespoke wellness support for seafarers around the world, whether offshore, on cruise liners, super yachts, passenger ferries or any cargo ship. The company works with industry leading partners to provide the best support available.