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Nautilus condemns Panama on seafarer certificate extention

Panama has been gaining recognition for its part of facilitating crew changes during these challenging times but also received backlash when they issued a notice advising seafarers’ contracts to be extended by a further of three months.

Seafarers are denied off-signing over coronavirus fears

Nautilus received comments that seafarers who have visited Chinese ports are being denied off-signing by countries fearing the spread of coronavirus, meaning that crews could remain onboard for many additional weeks.

Maersk Tankers’ new parental policy leave excludes seafarers

In January, Maersk Tankers announced a new parental leave policy for their employees, enabling fathers with a paid four-week paternity leave; Nautilus now clarifies that the new policy concerns only the onshore crew of the company and not the crew onboard.

Nautilus applauds UK for ratifying the MLC for fishing

Nautilus International applauded the enforcement of the ‘Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) for fishing’ for providing decent working conditions for the fishing industry and protecting those working in the sector. The UK’s first report on the Convention is due 1 September 2021.

Nautilus reports ‘unpaid wages’ as top complaint for 2019

Nautilus reports that the top complaint they have been receiving by members through its helpline for 2019 was the issue of unpaid wages, an issue that is seriously affecting seafarers onboard. It is stated that in addition to unpaid wages, other issues that seafarers faced were unfair dismissals and bullying onboard.