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Update July: Live map depicts spread of coronavirus

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has cost the lives of more than 521.000, while confirmed cases exceed 10.800.000. Although coronavirus started in China in early 2020, now it has spread over Europe where Italy and the UK have the most deaths. Also, Brazil, Canada, France and Spain top the list with the countries affected significantly.

COVID-19: How to avoid risks when visitors come onboard

In their third video of their series “Protection on Board”, Steamship Mutual focuses on the risks arising when a vessel calls a port, and also addresses the measures taken to mitigate the risk of seafarers contacting the virus.

Watch: ECSA launches #EveryShipmentCounts video

ECSA published a video showcasing maritime workers from across the industry from across Europe, who explain their lives in the past few months in keeping the supply chains running and why every shipment counts.

ECSA, ETF call EU Ministers for Health to assist with crew changes

In a digital meeting, ECSA and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) called on EU Ministers for Health, to assist in the implementation of the IMO protocols to ensure safe ship crew changes in the EU Member States’ ports without further delay.

Watch: 5 tips to help seafarers cope with stress during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic led to crew change restrictions and challenges for the seafarers, resulting to immense stress. Thus, Christopher L. Hall – Managing Director (Hong Kong), SCB Management Consulting Services, Ltd. and Business Development Director (Asia) – offers five things that the industry can do now to help seafarers cope with feelings of anxiety and/or depression.

How to tackle head injuries on board

The type of work conducted on board and the many confined spaces may lead to head injuries, among other hazards. In fact, head injuries is one of the common injuries for crew members while on duty due to failure to use safety equipment (helmets); inappropriate or damaged PPE; slip and fall accidents; accidents involving cranes and cargo; and improperly stored equipment.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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