When a port procures, for example, a Ship-to-Shore crane, it usually allocates a percentage of that Capex to Third Party Inspections (TPI), design review meetings and periodic project manager visits to the crane factory.

In addition, overhead costs often not included in Capex numbers usually include maintenance and refurbishment of systems used for project management, corporate headcounts for managing strategic projects, and office overheads to support a larger corporate team.

Under this new business model we are offering with Trent Port Services, we can take on all turn-key equipment procurement, taking away these additional costs and distractions for a small percentage of the overall Capex budget, enabling customers to outsource projects, reduce management costs and free up in-house resources for core operations

said Pieter Boshoff, CEO of Remy InfoSource.

The product combines the deployment of iSpec, Remy InfoSource’s web and mobile-based software procurement solution for buyers of capital-intensive equipment, with the port project management expertise of Trent Port Services.

This solution enables port operators and their employees to focus on what they do best – managing ports, operations and their customers. We take on the entire project using a single Capex budget approach. This cuts down management and procurement costs with payment milestones aligned to the deliverables of each individual project

Jon Arnup, Founder & CEO of Trent Port Services concluded.