The total investment in the project will be approximately 100 million euros. Wärtsilä supply the engineering, procurement, and construction of the terminal. The main shareholders are Hamina Energy Ltd and Estonian energy company Alexela.


The building permit for the LNG terminal has also been secured; at first, a 30,000 m3 LNG storage tank will be built. Facilities are also being prepared for a second 20,000 m3 storage tank to be added later.

The earthwork has been completed, and the construction work has already started. The LNG terminal is expected to start operations in 2020.

Markku Tommiska, CEO, Hamina Energy Ltd, noted:

The new Hamina LNG terminal will be an important addition to the gas infrastructure as it will not only supply businesses and the shipping sector, but will also feed into Hamina Energy’s distribution gas grid and can be connected to Finland’s gas grid.