MUA Deputy National Secretary Will Tracey warned that an escalation in hours of work at the site and inadequate manning has led to an unsafe workplace and is calling on Worksafe Victoria to intervene immediately before a worker is killed or seriously injured.

Workers are being required to work excessive 12 hour shifts back to back with workers being required to regularly work 6 to 8 in a row with minimum breaks before being called in again.


In addition, the lack of manning and training has resulted in workers reporting exhaustion, while the increased hours come after fatigue related training a week ago, Mr Tracey added.

He also said that many workers are scared to raise issues around fatigue for fear of reprisals after heated exchanges with management on the job in the last few days.

The worker taken to hospital and the various other incidents needs to be investigated by Worksafe Victoria but it is clear that fatigue has played the major role in these incidents.