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Building Resilience: How to balance work and task demands

In a detailed guidance, AMSA highlights the importance of providing adequate sources at a company level to manage the risks of fatigue. Duty scheduling and planning to control work and rest hours is one of the critical issues in managing fatigue.

Building Resilience: How to develop a fatigue reporting culture

In a detailed guidance, AMSA highlights the importance of keeping both seafarers and the company informed about any fatigue hazards in day-to-day operations. In this context, open communication and feedback on reports about fatigue related events are vital in improving fatigue management onboard.

Fighting fatigue onboard: Industry efforts seem fruitful

Fatigue is a hazard that impacts safety, health and well-being. A long-term fatigue may result in health disorders (physical and mental), insidious onset, persists over time, multi-factor causes, significantly affects behavior and wellbeing. Considering the hectic work schedule of seafarers, fatigue can of course be a significant issue. SAFETY4SEA asked seafarers about fatigue on its crew wellness survey, and the results are encouraging as the majority of seafarers feel ‘’fully rested’’ on a daily basis.

Fatigue at sea: A self help manual for seafarers

Alandia Marine insurance firm hosted an interview with Dr Claire Pekcan, Director at Safe Marine to shed attention once again on fatigue, which is a great concern for seafarers and the whole maritime community. There are things that seafarers can do for themselves to counteract fatigue, Dr Pekcan highlights and a Fatigue Self Help can help towards.

Lessons Learned: Fatigue and use of mobile phone lead to grounding

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB discussed about a small cargo vessel which grounded as the OOW on duty was watching music videos on his mobile phone and dod not observe the potential risk of grounding, when the vessel was set of the planned track by the tidal stream.

NTSB investigation: Fatigue leads to grounding in Alaska

The NTSB issued an investigation report on the grounding of the fishing vessel Freyja while on the Bering Sea, Alaska, in March 2019. The investigation revealed the deckhand failed to monitor the vessel as he fell asleep due to extreme fatigue. 

Fatigue in the harbour towage sector reported

In its latest issue, CHIRP discusses the issue of fatigue, after receiving a report from a seafarer working in the harbour towage sector about the working and rest hours and the feeling of fatigue received from their co-workers.

Understanding Fatigue: Dealing with individual differences

Not all people are the same and subsequently, their body does not respond to fatigue at the same way. That means, individuals may become fatigued at different times and to different degrees of severity, under same circumstances.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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