Vietnam the most dangerous destination for exported livestock, RSPCA says

RSPCA Australia urged the live export industry to voluntarily stop sending cattle to Vietnam, until an independent review of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System can be finalized. In the most recent Regulatory Performance Report released by the Department of Agriculture, three separate incidents of non-compliance were reported within the country, regarding 1,676 Australian cattle.

New container terminal at Port of Townsville to deliver new jobs

Australia’s Port of Townsville is set to acquire a 1.6-hectare container terminal at berth 4 in a bid to increase logistics capability, as part of the Port’s $30 million Crane and Cargo Terminal project. Townsville construction company Formset has been awarded a $10 million contract to build the terminal. 

Watch: Japanese warship collides with dock in Brisbane

The Japanese warship ‘JS Kunisaki’ collided into Brisbane’s Portside Wharf while trying to dock, Tuesday, 17 June. There were no injuries of crew onboard or spectators but the vessel was left visibly damaged. The causes of the incident are yet to be determined.

RSPCA Australia lodges complaint over brutal cattle treatment

RSPCA Australia has lodged a formal complaint with the federal Department of Agriculture, after receiving images and footage revealing brutal treatment of Australian cattle live exported to Israel onboard the Bahamas-flagged livestock carrier ‘Maysora’.

Partners launch project to protect oceans from oil spill

Partners launched a remediation program in protection of island ecosystems from damage caused by oil pollution from World War II wrecks sunk in the Pacific Ocean in Newcastle Harbour. The ones participating in the project are Major Projects Foundation, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the University of Newcastle. 

Ports Australia to give emphasis on sustainability

Ports Australia published a document highlighting sustainability. Named Ports and a Sustainable Australia, the report presents efforts from ports around the country to improve Australia for future generations. The report is separated into five categories provided by the World Ports Sustainability Program that sorts the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a way that can be applied to Ports.

Watch: Artificial reef to be installed underneath Sydney Opera House

A series of modular steel and concrete pods have been installed underwater around the Sydney Opera House to test the marine biodiversity improvement value of artificial structures. The initiative is a result of a three-year partnership between UTS, the Sydney Opera House and the NSW Government.

Santos announces major oil and gas resource in Dorado

Australian natural gas company Santos officially announced that the Dorado-2 appraisal well has confirmed a major oil and gas resource in the Bedout Basin, offshore Western Australia. The well was drilled down-dip approximately two kilometres from the Dorado-1 discovery.

Construction contract awarded for Port Kembla LNG terminal

Australian Industrial Energy announced it has granted the contract for construction of its Port Kembla Gas Terminal’s wharf and pipeline to the SCSB joint venture. The construction of the new wharf facilities and pipeline could see subcontracts worth about $76 million awarded to businesses in the Illawarra.


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