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Seafarers’ fatigue in the era of COVID-19: What to watch 

According to the definition given by the IMO, Fatigue is a state of feeling tired, weary, or sleepy, due to a prolonged mental or physical work, extended periods of anxiety, exposure to harsh environments, or loss of sleep. This what fatigue is according to IMO, the effects of which significantly affect performance and alertness. However, what do seafarers have to watch, in order not to be affected by fatigue, especially during a pandemic?

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Dutch seafarers sent letter to Maersk stakeholders asking not to lose their jobs

Dutch seafarers facing job cuts at Maersk Line sent a letter to Maersk stakeholders, asking for support and intervention, so that the company ends the forced redundancies. To remind, AP Moller Maersk recently sold its five remaining ships which sail under the Dutch flag. Following the sale, Maersk announced that although Dutch Captains and Chief Engineers will remain in service, 24 Dutch seafarers on the fleet were put out of service.

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Working in shipping in the post-COVID era: What will be the same & what will change

The pandemic has radically changed our lives; now everyone wishes for life to restore to normal, but we all know that the post-COVID era will have no resemblance with the past. With the vaccinations now occurring across the globe, health officials are optimistic about the outbreak, but the pandemic won’t be over anytime soon. So what that means for shipping? What changes have been affected and what should we expect in the near and long term?

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Working from home: How COVID-19 changed our outlook on career progression

Following the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 and the major disruptions that has brought within every industry, it is known that more and more people are working remotely, in an effort to slow down the spread of the disease. Although, working from home might be an effective solution amid the pandemic, it has completely changed the way employees work and their overall career progression.

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