IMPA SAVE aims to set goals that can be achieved in the marine industry to support the UN 2030 agenda, primarily concentrating on carbon reduction, environmental protection and preservation and reducing consumption of resources.

Its first project focuses on reducing the use of plastic drinking water bottles by 2025. Single-use plastic is a significant threat to life in the ocean and the planet as a whole. The shipping industry has, over the last few decades, been proactive in improving its environmental performance by implementing regulations about practices. However, challenges are still far from being acted upon.

In line with V.Group and Oceanic Catering’s latest commitment to eliminate single-use plastics, and achieve zero pollution from plastic waste at sea and continuously minimising the generation of shipboard waste, joining IMPA SAVE reinforces their commitment to collaborate across the industry for the preservation of the marine environment.

Last year, V.Group and Oceanic Catering launched their ‘Single-Use Plastic Charter’, aiming to eliminate the use of non-essential single-use plastics on board.

To achieve this, all business units promote the use of alternative packaging in the supply chain, including catering, and strongly recommend the use of alternative drinking water sources to reduce dependency on plastic bottles.

Over the last year, we have introduced our on-board water solutions initiative, providing practical water treatment solutions on board vessels with the correct approval certificates, while ensuring the provision of safe drinking water to crew members

said V. Group.

In addition, Mike Bradshaw, Global Head of  HSEQ at V.Group, commented that the ambitions of IMPA SAVE align with the environmental goals set by our Environmental Committee.