Namely, HHLA is about to take over an 80% of the company's shares, while the remaining 20% will be controlled by three previous managers of iSAM AG.

"With the opening of the Container Terminal Altenwerder 20 years ago, HHLA already showed what potential automation had. With this acquisition, HHLA has direct access to technological developments in the automation of industrial processes, which will make it possible to get into new innovative sectors". Chairwoman of the Executive Board of HHLA, Angela Titzrath, said.

What is more, the company explained that through this acquisition, goals to deepen and develop new markets in the automation sector of container handling.

To remind, iSAM AG has already automated the bulk cargo terminal Hansaport in the Port of Hamburg with the implementation of intelligent control software and high-precision 3D laser scanners.

Concluding, currently iSAM is working for the IHATEC project Container Terminal 4.0 on an automation prototype for rail gantry crane 4 at the Container Terminal Altenwerder and is developing new safety technologies for the workspaces shared by people and machines.