Climate activists group block cruise vessel from departing Port of Kiel

Around 50 activists, with banners reading ‘Cruises kill climate’, delayed the Holland America Line-operated ‘Zuiderdam’, from departing the North Sea port of Kiel, on June 9. The ship managed to leave the port after six hours, heading to Copenhagen, as the police temporarily detained 46 activists, some of whom climbed onto the ship and onto a harbourside crane.

Hamburg’s restored wooden ship sinks after collision with container ship

A recently restored wooden sailing ship sunk as it collided with a container ship in Hamburg. Because of the quick response of five rescue boats which where in the area when the accident happened, all 43 passengers were rescued. The two ships collided on the River Elbe after a failed tack led the sailing ship into the container ship.

Spirit of Discovery completes conveyance across the Ems river

Spirit of Discovery completed its conveyance across the river Ems on May 26 at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. After sailing through the Ems barrier, the ship reached the Emden sea lock, with the help of tugs. The cruise ship is the first of two vessels ordered from Meyer Werft by Saga Cruises. It has an overall length of 236 meters and a width of 31.2 meters.

Germany plans to go CO2 neutral by 2050

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged on May 14, to establish a roadmap to make Germany CO2 neutral by 2050. For this reason she urged a climate cabinet she chairs to come up with the best way to achieve that goal. Merkel said that Germany must ensure there are absolutely no CO2 emissions and if there are still CO2 emissions, the country must find way to store CO2 or offset it.

German shipbuilders oppose to Chinese shipbuilders on ‘fantasy prices’

VSM, German shipbuilder, commented that the industry trend in the world shipbuilding market of recent years has also continued in the past twelve months; in the Asian-dominated shipbuilding volume markets, demand is recovering slowly and remains below the production volume for the fifth year in a row, so that the order backlog continues to melt.

Shipping on Rhine affected by drop in water levels

Cargo ships are not able to navigate a large part of the Rhine in Germany when fully loaded, as dry weather has caused a drop in water levels. However, rain is expected in southern Germany this week, which could increase the water levels once again. Traders have informed that from Duisburg and Cologne to south Germany, the Rhine is far too shallow to allow normal sailings.

German seaports increase the volume of cargo in 2018

German seaports handled 304.7 million tons of seaborne goods during 2018. This is an increase of 1.7%, in comparison to 2017, as the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) announced in the beginning of this week. In addition, the number of goods which German seaports received from other ports rose by 2%. Moreover, the shipping of goods from German seaports over the world’s oceans grew slightly by 1.8%.

Germany opens Baltic Sea’s biggest wind farm

Germany will open the Arkona wind park, a giant wind farm out in the Baltic Sea. This is a joint venture of utility EON SE and Norway’s oil and gas giant Equinor. The wind farm was built in only three months and is located off the coast of Ruegen island. It is also able to generate enough power for 400,000 homes and is the largest wind farm in the Baltic. 

ITF to inspect German company for alleged seafarer rights issues

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) informed that it initiated a targeted operation against German shipping company Johann M. K. Blumenthal, claiming that the company has refused to recognise seafarers’ welfare and rights. This operation aims to make sure that the company’s crews are paid properly, are adequately fed and that all of their rights are being granted.


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