About 35 participants, from a variety of Georgia's shipping sectors, such as the clearance of ships, cargo, crew and passengers and private companies, have been learning for the advantages of the FAL Convention, to set systems for the electronic exchange of information related to maritime transport and the recommendation to use a maritime single window.

The aim is to make the maritime logistics chain more efficient.

  • The European maritime single window environment aims to address the issue of numerous, non-harmonised reporting obligations by linking the existing national maritime single windows together in a coordinated and harmonised way. The reform will improve interoperability between various systems, making it much easier to share and reuse data.
  • The European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament on 8 February 2019 reached an agreement on harmonizing ship notifications in Europe.
  • EMSA published an inforgraphic to further explain how the EMSW works.
  • ECSA and ETF welcomed the European Maritime Single Window.