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USCG issues DMDSS and DP Systems guides

USCG’s Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCS NCOE) issued two publications, enabling the easy use for both guides through a smartphone, tablet, or device of choice leading to an efficient navigation.

Maersk to test battery system to enhance power production

A containerized 600 kWh marine battery system will be equipped in a trial on board the Maersk Cape Town in December 2019 to improve ship performance and reliability while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. The battery system will be shortly transported to Singapore and installed on board the Maersk Cape Town.

Georgian shipping stakeholders learn the benefits of EMSW

During a National Seminar on Facilitation of Maritime Traffic, September 24-26, shipping stakeholders from Georgia had the chance to discuss and get a better insight into the maritime single window and electronic data exchange.

New propeller concept to reduce underwater noise

Kongsberg Maritime has successfully adapted a propeller concept used in naval applications, aiming to provide operational and environmental benefits to commercial shipping customers. By deploying such a technology can significantly reduce cavitation-induced noise and erosion risk.

Methods for improving operational efficiency

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA London Forum, Dr. Teemu Manderbacka, Senior R&D Engineer, NAPA, talked about the various methods for improving operational efficiency. One way to improve energy efficiency is to optimize, to better plan operations, and – in a cost-efficient way – to reduce GHG emissions, lowering operational costs and possibly even improving revenue and thus the overall global competitive edge.

The path to maximum hull efficiency

During the 2019 GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Tom H. Evensen, Sales Director for Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions and Mr. Manolis Levantis, Analyst Manager, focused on hull performance for ships. Mr. Evensen and Mr. Levantis highlighted the major impact that such a feature has on a vessel’s efficiency. They also noted that in order to achieve the ideal hull efficiency, proper surface preparations are vital.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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