As Gondan stated the first ferry was launched at the facilities of the shipyard’s GRP Division and it is scheduled that this unit will be delivered to the shipping company at the end of the year.

The vessels can sail with a maximum speed of 28 knots. Furthermore, the ships feature ave-piercing bow, which displaces water towards the side tunnels in order to maintain speed and reduce wave slamming.

The ferries will incorporate photovoltaic solar panels, which will supply the necessary energy for onboard services.

Additionally, they will have two 1450 hp diesel engines, which minimize emissions of polluting gases. As for the capacity of passage, they will have 350 seats (270 seats indoor and 80 more outdoor in the upper deck).

The catamarans will be finished between the end of this year and the middle of 2018 and the will be able to operate in the different short distance trips that the shipping company makes in the Balearic Islands.