The EasyMax is an own vessel design, using the ‘art of omission’. EasyMax's optimal hull shape offers low resistance, above and below the water. This results in a minimized fuel consumption of 9 tonnes a day at 11 knots.

Credit: Wagenborg

Most of the systems in EasyMax can be accessed from various places on board, as well as from shore for diagnostics or malfunction. Thus, the maintenance costs can be reduced, whilst providing minimal downtime and more reliable service.

Theo Klimp, Fleet Director at Wagenborg: "This award is really a confirmation that we have made great steps in terms of sustainability and efficiency as a shipping company with this new generation of vessels. A design that is easier and at the same time more intelligent and thus easier for crew and shore organization. Actually with less, doing more. That's what sustainable shipping is about: smarter and more efficient ships, such as the Easymax. "


Wagenborg Shipping further explains that this innovative vessel has a cargo capacity of 14,300 tonnes and a hold capacity of 625,000 cft, surpassesing all records of similar vessels ever built in Northern Netherlands.


''The very low resistance due to optimal hull shape, both above and below the water, results in a fuel consumption of only 9 tonnes a day at 11 knots. This makes the EasyMax World Champion efficiency and sustainability in its shipping class. With EasyMax, Wagenborg introduces the new standard for sustainable shipping in the Dutch maritime industry.'' Wagenborg Shipping highlighted.