The 160 m long and 26,000 dwt 'Haaga' is an energy-efficient, LNG-fueled vessel, significantly more eco-friendly than the current generation of vessels and produces more than 50% less carbon dioxide emissions, the company said.

As her sister ship Viikki, the world's first LNG-fueled handyzise bulk carrier that was launched earlier this month, the ship was named after a place in Helsinki, in accordance with the company's tradition.

"These next-generation vessels are helping our shipping company to reduce its carbon footprint and to improve its competitiveness and profitability," says Aki Ojanen, CEO of Aspo Plc and chairman of the Board of Directors of ESL Shipping.

Haaga and its sister ship Viikki will start operating on the Baltic Sea during the first half of 2018. This construction project is part of the Bothnia Bulk project, partly funded by the EU, aiming to modernize the sea route between Luleå, Oxelösund and Raahe to be more eco-friendly.