The updated annex includes basic content and format changes according to new national guidelines, clearer pollution notification and response protocols, and refreshed references to US Customs Service procedures for transboundary movement of personnel and resources. The new annex also includes organizational changes within the two Coast Guards.


Canada and the US are parties to a long-standing bilateral agreement regarding cooperation in protection of natural resources in Canada-US (CAN-US) trans-boundary areas. Since 1983, the CAN-US Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan (JCP) has included five geographic annexes which outline the scope and terms for planning and coordinating responses to transboundary pollution in the maritime domain.

Coast Guard 17th District collaborates with Canadian Coast Guard counterparts to maintain and exercise two of the annexes:

  • Annex 4 (Beaufort Sea)
  • Annex 5 (Dixon Entrance)

The national level JCP was re-signed in August 2017 by the US Coast Guard commandant and the commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard.