The personnel of the ship contacted the Sector Delaware Bay Coast Guard and reported that a crewmember on board was in need of an urgent primary care, due to the fact that his was suffering from stomach pain.

A rescue helicopter MH-65 Dolphin was sent immediately from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City to the German cruise vessel. The aircrew lift the man up to the helicopter but due to difficult weather conditions they were not able to transfer him to a hospital, so they medevaced him back to the air station in order to provide him medical services.

We had to bring the man to the Air Station due to poor weather conditions. Winds and clouds prevented us from landing at the hospital helipad, but we did have medical responders waiting for us back at our unit. Overall the case went extremely well and everything was smooth and successful. Lt. Conor Lee, hoist operator for this medevac reported.

For the time being, the crewmember's health condition remains unknown.


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