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RMI: Medicine chest requirements onboard

RMI issued guidance on medical care aboard ships and ashore, including medicine chest requirements, recordkeeping, responsibilities, and training for medical…

Governments urged to respect seafarers’ right to medical treatment ashore

In violation of MLC 2006, there have recently been several cases where seafarers were denied their legal right to medical treatment due to COVID-19 restrictions. In this regard, JNG and ITF urgently called on governments to step up and not use the COVID-19 to refuse seafarers’ human rights.

Second illness outbreak on cruise ship

10 people on board the cruise ship Norwegian Joy were treated by paramedics on Sunday, December 1, after reporting minor medical complaints, marking the second time within a period of one week that passengers from the vessel had to be treated for illness after returning from a trip.

Watch: USCG transfers cruise crewmember for medical care

On Sunday 27 October, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued a 44-year old man from the TUI cruises ship called “Mein Schiff” at a position about 20 nautical miles east of Atlantic City, in order to receive medical care. For the time being, the crewmember’s health condition remains unknown. 

PEME as a foundation of the crew member’s wellbeing and safety on board

Today we are going to talk about Pre-employment and re-employment medical examinations. Unfortunately the importance of these tests is under estimated, left for the responsibility of the crew member, treated as a formal requirement, which eventually might lead to very costly claims onboard and/or even direct threat to the crew member’s life.

ILO, IMO agree to develop new medical guide for ships

IMO has agreed to develop a new medical guide for ships, jointly with ILO. The main objective would be to produce a practical up-to-date ships medical guide to assist those required to give medical assistance who are primarily not medics. 

HMCG helicopter saves capsized kayakers in River Spey

Two kayakers were rescued by HM Coastguard helicopter after their kayak capsized on the 1st of November on the River Spey, near Inshriach. The Coastguard winchman was lowered down to the kayaker and placed him to a more accessible location on the other side of the river along with the female kayaker. Both kayakers were able to walk to the ambulance where they were warmed and treated for cold.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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