Women play a key role in today's shipping world, aiming to equality and opportunities in the sector, given that it's a male-dominated industry. In a tribute for women in shipping, it is worth outlining how a maritime career is perceived by female icons.

Panama Canal's Vice President for Transit Business, Ilya Espino de Marotta, who comments that the highlight of her career has been leading the Panama Canal expansion program, commenting it as an 'amazing engineering project.'

I never thought I would be influencing anybody, so it's really nice that because of the expansion program there's such a visibility on a woman doing this job.

Anabel Ortega, Admeasurer, Boarding Officer 

One of the most exciting moments was the Panama canal expansion because I was part of the Panama Canal history and the Country.

Silvia de Marucci, Market Analysis and Customer Relations Manager started working at the Canal in 1995; She began a market research.

I really enjoy working with such knowledgeable people and learning every day from them. It’s just a beautiful industry to work in because it’s always different.

Anayancy Johnson, Senior Boarding Officer, she does the inspections on the vessels that are to transit through the Panama Canal; Firstly, she started working for the Canal library.

This is a male dominated job. It has been like that for a long time and that tradition still keeps going, but I think it’s changing now. But that change depends on us.

Donica Baird, Launch and Linehandling Operations Supervisor, is responsible for supervising both the personnel that works on launches and the line handlers. She adds that the job is based on safety and is dynamic.

I came in here as a clerk and today, I have the privilege of supervising over 120 men and women.

Verónica Will Araúz de Ortega, Tugboat Captain helps the pilot maneuvre the vessel, which is a challenging task, as she comments.

Whenever they see me, I hope for sure that my professionalism and my experience motivate them. When they see me, I hope that I encourage them to see ‘okay, she reached that place, I can do it too.